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At a high level, the behavioral intervention we’re attempting to tackle is promoting spending intentional time outdoors. Last week, we oriented the insights we’ve collected this far on a plane to prioritize critical assumptions about our users that we still needed to validate. Namely, we wanted to answer two questions: 1) ‘daily challenges’ will be appropriate and motivating to users long term, and 2) people highly value the social component of spending time outside, which provides value separate from solo time outside.


From our previous research, we’ve developed two main personas we want to target: 1) stressed PSETer who finds it hard to make time for spending time outside and 2) BIPOC person who wants to spend more time outside but sometimes feels uncomfortable due to their identity. For this experiment, we recruited 3 participants who fit within both these profiles: Jeramy (BIPOC male student), Edith (BIPOC female student), Michelle (Queer female student). Below are the two test cards summarizing our assumption tests.

Assumption Test 1: Daily Challenges

Assumption Test 2: Community Challenges


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